small white dog on big flat tree trunk table outside

two white Westies

Trimming Your  Dog's Toenails

black dog running in snow with red vest

Many dogs come to Cascade Animal Clinic because they don't allow their owners to trim their toenails. This is a common problem in many dogs. Dogs can associate the restraint of their paws as a trap, and try to get away. Also, if you cut a nail too short one time, the pain can be remembered for a life time! Trying to muscle your dog down to force him to allow you to trim his nails is not a good idea. It reinforces the dog's fear, will make him fight a whole lot harder, and can be dangerous to you. A dog's fear and desperation to escape can result in injury to the dog and injury to you.. 

So what's the solution? Watch this video about  Desensitization Therapy!